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Message from CEO

At Biopharma-MEA, our advanced strategy is to develop and enrich reliable and effective market access for multi-national pharmaceutical companies to the Middle East markets - especially in    the fields of pioneering biotech pharmaceutical products. We are the catalyst which allows them to successfully introduce their innovative therapies to the Middle Eastern medical landscape which seek to benefit the patients from the advancements in modern biotechnology that these therapies bring.

Our leadership team is committed to providing efficient, well-developed business strategies and local plans for Middle Eastern business environments. We take the time and effort to carefully analyze and consider every possible internal competency that would lead to quick market access and more efficient business operations. Our talented leadership team has an extensive proven track record of success in the pharmaceutical business fields, with years of combined experience.

We are committed to improving the lives of patients in the Middle East by introducing new and exciting products for conditions with currently unsolvable medical needs, supporting their whole journey from diagnosis, to starting therapy and maintaining treatments – all the way through to developing partnerships with patient support programs across the local health and social communities.


At Biopharma-MEA, we working as one team with shared objectives, inspired by the culture of possible. We are engaged with our partners on the mission to advancing solutions that can support a patient’s treatment journey. Our day-to-day business practices are mandated and governed by strict adherence to the legal and ethical standards of good business conduct.


Over the last few years, we have successfully introduced various new products to different countries across the Middle East, securing reliable market access for these introductions to ensure the availability and the reimbursements needed for the patients to benefit directly from these therapies. 

Today, our valued Middle East patients enjoy the many benefits of these innovative therapies, and we also ensure that their physicians and other healthcare professionals are well equipped with latest updates and information. We are also delighted to support the quality of care and assistance offered to those patients with the highest standards required for the therapy success.


We are proud of the foundation we have established in the Middle East countries. Our innovative projects and partnering programs are well appreciated by both patients and medical professionals alike, and some of these projects are now being implemented on a national level in some of the key Middle East markets. 


I would like to sincerely thank all of our business partners for their continued trust and support, and I would like also to thank all Biopharma MEA colleagues for their sincere hard work, dedication and enthusiasm that are making these successes possible – you are an inspiration!


Mohamed Ramzy

Chief Executive Officer

Biopharma Middle East & Africa

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