2015 Biopharma-MEA annual Kickoff Meeting

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2015 Biopharma-MEA annual Kickoff Meeting

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The 2015 Biopharma-MEA Annual Takeoff Meeting took place this year in Singapore. The slogan of “BPROUD” standing for “Biopharma People Outreaching Ultimate Dreams”, has been selected for this year meeting reflecting the high level of energy, enthusiasm, and ambitious of the Biopharma-MEA team.

This year’s meeting is taking place in The Mandarin Hotel, Singapore during the period of 4th- 9th January 2015, containing the company annual briefing meeting for the first couple of days then followed by the second phase of the Sales delegate and management academy that conducted in collaboration with TTM Associates, the Cyprus based management and training consultancy firm.

The meeting is coming this year with the company remarkable achievements with the introduction of the new all-oral therapies of Hepatitis-C Virus, the first-to-market Cystic Fibrosis therapy, and the new FL& CLL oncology therapy. This is in addition to the success of maintaining the company leadership of its targeted markets of Infertility, metabolism, HIV, and systemic Anti-Fungal therapies.